How we can eat our landscapes – by Pam Warhurst TED video

What should a community do with its unused land? Plant food, of course. With energy and humor, Pam Warhurst tells at the TED Salon the story of how she and a growing team of volunteers came together to turn plots of unused land into communal vegetable gardens, and to change the narrative of food in their community.

Pam Warhurst co-founded Incredible Edible, an initiative in Todmorden, England dedicated to growing food locally by planting on unused land throughout the community.

For National Volunteer Week.

My Town in Transition video – by Rob Hopkins

An inspiring talk by Rob Hopkins “My Town in Transition” video.

Rob Hopkins is the author of “The Transition Companion: Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times

I love it when he says:

…let’s be more brilliant than we have ever been…

The Essential Urban Farmer

In this indispensable guide, Farm City author Novella Carpenter and Willow Rosenthal share their experience as successful urban farmers and provide practical blueprints-complete with rich visual material-for novice and experienced growers looking to bring the principles of ethical food to the city streets. The Essential Urban Farmer guides readers from day one to market day, advising on how to find the perfect site, design a landscape, and cultivate crops. For anyone who has ever grown herbs on windowsills, or tomatoes on fire escapes, this is an invaluable volume with the potential to change our menus, our health, and our cities forever.


Guerrilla grafting video

The Guerrilla Grafters are a group of San Franciscans who believe urban trees are a precious thing to waste on simple flowers. Their goal is to graft – albeit illegally – fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing fruit trees, in hopes that over time the cities ornamental trees can provide food for residents free of charge.

Tara Hui and Booka Alon are followed as they check up on their surreptitious grafts, perform a bit of pruning and search for their trees’ first fruit.

What a great idea.

Guerrilla Grafters

Pat Coleby reveals why she changed her farming methods

Pat Coleby reveals why she changed her farming methods to natural methods.

I love Pat Coleby’s books. Highly recommended.

Pat Coleby can be found over at Farming Secrets.

Could You Live on $20 a Day? Ask Florida’s Tomato Workers

Lupe Gonzalo: Episode 96 of The Perennial Plate from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

Low wages, outrageous workloads: Tomato picker Lupe Gonzalo talks to The Perennial Plate.

You might think of tomatoes merely as supermarket staples, but in Florida, where the majority the nation’s crop is grown, thousands of pickers toil for less than a living wage. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a grassroots farmworkers’ rights organization, is trying to change that by asking supermarket chains and fast-food outlets to sign Fair Food Agreements that would improve conditions for the industry’s workers. Daniel Klein, of The Perennial Plate, spent the day with Lupe Gonzalo, a tomato picker and CIW organizer. Watch her story, then imagine picking 200 full-sized buckets of tomatoes in 105-degree heat.

You’ll never look at a supermarket tomato the same way again.

Shipping container houses

The video shows Lulu’s tiny home in California – a recycled shipping container with an attached cargo trailer bedroom.  Lulu is a single mom who had gone back to school and didn’t have the time or interest in working full-time to pay for rent. So when she had to move out of her more conventional home, she decided to move herself and her daughter into a shipping container. The container has been modified with recycled and reclaimed materials.

I love the idea of living in a recycled shipping container. I’d love one for my office.

Would you live in one?


Places to buy shipping containers for accommodation: