Three ciders at the Fluid Festival

Despite the drizzly rain, we decided to spend our Saturday at the Pig and Whistle’s Fluid Festival. I tried three new exciting ciders.


Willie Smiths Organic apple cider is made from 100% organic apples grown on the farm at Grove in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. It is Australian’s first certified organic Cidery. It had a nice cloudy and pronounced apple taste. I liked it!


Next I tried the dcider in it’s distinctive pink labeling. The company is barely a year old and is already winning fans. It’s made with no added sugar and not from concentrate. It has a clean apple taste and is not overly sweet.


Batlow Premium Cider is the all round good guy of ciders, with 3 and half freshly crushed batlow apples in each bottle and no added sugar. It was very drinkable and refreshing.

Overall three great new ciders to add to my favourites list.

Taste test: New beer tasting

We discovered a perfect way to fill in a lazy rainy Sunday (a rare event in Brisbane these days!) Brisbane News  featured an article called “Brew-haha” on some of the newer beers on the market. Tony Harper and friends taste tested their way through some 60 beers – I bet there were many volunteers! He whittled it down and recommended a list of top 10.  Matt was particular keen to give them all a go, especially since he has been brewing his own beer. I have to admit I’m not such a beer drinker, but what the heck!

We visited a few local liquor stores to get all of the ones on the list, and somehow along the way we gathered a few extras to try. However, we had lots of trouble getting Emerson’s Pilsner. The article had created such a demand for Tony’s number one that it seems as if the whole of Brisbane was sold out of this hot bottled kiwi!

Our list turned out completely different – which just goes to show it’s a personal preference thing.

Beer tasting

Score (Matt – Emma)

1. Hoegaarden (4-4)
2. Cascade Premium (3-4)
3. Knappstein (4-2) fruity South Australian
4. Mountain Goat Pale Ale (3-3) – golden, floral honey aromas from Melbourne
5. Weihenstephaner Hafe Weizenbier (3.5-2.5)
6. Weihenstephaner Pilsner (3-3)
7. Grand Ridge (3.5-2.5) mild citrus, would appeal to wine drinkers from Victoria
8. Chimay (3-2.5) dark, distinct
9. Roger’s Beer (2.5-3)
10. Red Oak (2.5-2.5) – Sydney hints of bananas and cloves
11. Emerson’s Pale Ale (2.5-1) soapy
12. Mildura Stormy Ale (2-1) orangery bitter kick
13. Duvel (2-1) very bubbly; like champagne

Not shown:
Fuller’s London Pride – always a winner
Emerson’s Pilsner – missing in action

Matt, of course, wants to know – if we can get a full list of the 60 beers tested (but please don’t encourage him). When does the wine tasting start?