Market salsa


The markets were quiet today – just how I like them. I was able to pay straight away (without queuing) and no bumping into dogs, prams and market trolleys. The ingredients for this salad are made from purchases from the same stall where the owners play music to their vegetables. I’m hoping this salsa makes me sing all afternoon.

1 cucumber, small
handful of tomatoes
3 capsicums, one of each colour
lime, juiced
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
several leaves of fresh basil
a few strands of chives

  1. Peel the skin off the cucumber and dice. Dice the tomatoes and capsicum (red, orange and yellow). Add them to a serving bowl.
  2. Add the lime juice and extra virgin olive oil with the chopped herbs as a dressing. Mix together and serve.

Serves 2.

Solstice squash

It was appropriate that we picked our first vegetable from the beds on summer solstice! Hurrah. Finally we can add some figures to the progress page.

Actually yesterday we celebrated Christmas early at Matt’s parents place. Matt’s Dad took us on a garden tour and explained how he picked his squash early otherwise it usually went too soft. Later the next morning when we were checking on the beds, we discovered that some of the squash flowers were shriveled up and the vegetables fell away from the stem easily, and were therefore probably ready! We collected a solid total of 100g of white UFO shaped squash.

We had Summer Solstice Pizza for dinner tonight. We followed our trusty instructions for the M.Y.O Pizza, except for the toppings we used:

mozzarella and Parmesan
basil, fresh
tomato x2
prosciutto, sliced
red onion and red capsicum, sliced and sweated

I’m not a big fan of squash, but it melded in nicely on the pizza. If you have any good squash recipes please let us know as I suspect we might be eating them in the weeks to come.

Happy solstice!

42 stinkin’ stink bugs

For me summer is about avoiding cooking and eating lots of salads. For other people it’s all about the beach and sun baking, or dieting to fit into a bikini.

The cicadas and crickets have turned up the volume. We suspect the cane toads are also joining in the night-time chorus. Ants will warn of rain (that and my hair going frizzy!) We can decorate the house with NSW Christmas bush, Christmas bells, frangapanis and red kangaroo paws.

Usually spotting Christmas beetles signals an advent countdown. This year it will be picking 42 stinkin’ stink bugs off our citrus trees. Growing up, I remember helping Dad to pick them off our lemon tree, but I couldn’t recall why. A call to my Dad confirmed that they had to be removed or they would ruin the fruit. The recommended method was to put them into a glass jar. You have to be careful to avoid the stinky, yellow, staining squirt when you approach them. He says you should “approach them from the front and keep the rear well away from your eyes”. I say wear some gloves and be quick.¬†Incidentally they were all over my lemon tree (yet to bear fruit) that was grown from the seed of my parents’ tree.