Getting started in goats

I’m tentatively interested in goats. I’m not sure we will own them while we live in inner Brisbane.

Goats eat brush, leaves, rough plants and weeds.

Goats need:

  • shelter, bedding and secure fencing
  • feed bowls
  • dark-coloured buckets or stock tank
  • mineral feeder and hay feeder

Depending on your requirements you will select one of the following breeds:

Fibre: Agnora or Pygora goats produce mohair. Cashmere are a type, not a breed.

Milk: Your goats will need to have kids. Alpine, Guernsey, Kinder, Lamancha, Oberhasli, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, Saanen, Sable, Pygmy, Toggenburg.

Meat: Goats meat is low in fat. Boer, Kiko, Savanna, Spanish, Tennessee

Urban: Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy

Recommended books


Getting started growing Bananas in Queensland


Unfortunately due to an overwhelming demand since Cyclone Yasi, there is a six month waiting list for banana plants! So I’m going to have to put my banana growing plans on hold. Here’s some of the information I discovered while conducting research.

Bananas require full sunlight for most of the day. They do best is a sheltered area where the roots will not become flooded. The best time to plant is from September to mid-December.

They require a large amount of plant nutrients to grow and fruit. (800 grams of lime, 240 gram of urea, 30 grams of super

Residential growers in south Queensland require a permit to grow a maximum of 10 plants. Permits are free of charge and made to Biosecurity (currently part of the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries).

The only permitted varieties are:

  • Blue Java – Silvery wax bloom, white flesh, dessert and cooking
  • Bluggoe (plantain or cooking banana) – angular fruit
  • Kluai Namwa Khom (Dwarf Ducasse) – fragrant sweet flavour, dessert and cooking, very vigorous. Referred to as sugar banana.
  • Goldfinger – tangy tasting, doesn’t turn brown when cut
  • Ladyfinger – drought hardy, long shelf life, dessert type, sweet creamy flesh
  • Pissang Ceylan -pinkish midribs on leaves, agreeably sweet acid

There is currently only ONE supplier in Queensland – Blue Sky Backyard Bananas – each plant costs $30 each including postage.

Further information

Agrilink produce a Tropical banana information kit as a series of PDFs. The kit provides information on all aspects of growing tropical bananas in Queensland.

Jerry Coleby-Williams has written a Fact Sheet: Growing Bananas for the ABC Gardening website.