In My Kitchen – September 2013

Thank you Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for allowing me to participate In My Kitchen September 2013. This month, in my kitchen are …


We discovered the Samford Markets which are held on the second Saturday of the month. They have two stalls selling seedlings. We found some mandarins at 10 for $2, and a bag of Listada de Gandia eggplants for $2.50.


We have been eating lots of mandarins from the markets and the supermarket. The strawberries have come into season at a great price. We were gifted some bush lemons – which were rather ugly but perfect for the juice and I made Lemon barley water with them.


I’ve been experimenting with Herbie’s Spices. This month I have Vanilla Bean Sugar, Ockkah – an Australian version of Dukkah (with hazelnuts, sesame seeds, coriander seed, pistachio, akudjura, wattleseed, salt and native pepperberry) and lastly a Bread Maker’s Seed Mix (with sesame, black sesame, toasted sesame, nigella, blue and white poppy seeds and ajowan).


As Lindt chocolate was on a great special I decided to do a taste test of their Creation range. The only one I was missing was Creme Brulee. The divine hazelnut was creamy with little crunchies of nuts. The velvety vanilla almond was a rich caramel with the texture of slivered almonds. The sumptuous orange was the perfect combination and my firm favourite of the three.

Last night we watched the finale of Masterchef and I was surprised Emma won. I was backing nice guy Lynton. I also caught the repeats of The Great Australian Bake Off and again backed the wrong person thinking that Maria would win. But in retrospect I can see Nancy was pushing her skill level and that was the reason she won.

We’ll see if Recipe to Riches keeps me entertained to the end. Matt thinks it’s a very clever advertising scheme. I wonder if the brands will have staying power.

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