Transition tip – Conduct a disposables audit


In honour of Clean Up Australia Day, today.

Transition tip: Conduct a disposable audit of your home.

You could go through your house and do each room at a time, and through out this week start to thinking about how you can replace some of those single use items, or disposables.

  • dog poo bags – replace with a Dog poo compost box
  • paper towels
  • plastic cutlery and plates
  • plastic fruit and vegetable bags – replace with reusable produce bags
  • plastic shopping bags – replace with fabric bags or Envirosax reusable shopping bags
  • razors
  • sandwich wrap – replace with reusable lunch wraps
  • sanitary products – replace with reusable sanitary products
  • takeaway chopsticks
  • takeaway coffee cups – replace with a Keep Cup
  • tissues – replace with handkerchiefs
  • toilet paper
  • wrapping paper – replace with fabric gift bags


What disposable products are you going to replace?

Transition tip: Swap your disposable sanitary products

Transition tip: Swap your disposable sanitary products

Cloth menstrual pads are economical and environmentally friendly. They can be made with any absorbent material. I think unbleached cotton is  the best, but hemp or cotton fleece would also work.

There are plenty of printable patterns online to make a reusable pad at home.

Simply rinse the reusable pads in cold water and soak in a basin of cold water until you are ready to put them in the washing machine with any other load of washing. The soaking water can be used on your garden – it is a natural product after all!

And why not also try a reusable cup instead of a tampon: