Garage Warrior


The bottles, you know, are jewels. This is garbage and it comes out like stained glass jewels.

– Garbage Warrior

Garbage Warrior is the story of radical Earthship eco architect Michael Reynolds, and his fight to build off-the-grid self-sufficient communities. What an inspiring visionary. I love the sustainable buildings the group creates out of recycled materials – the houses have so much character and are just beautiful.

Transition tip: Reduce your stuff

Transition tip: Reduce your stuff.

Think about creative ways you can recycle your existing stuff.

Think about selling your unwanted stuff on ebay. You could give  away your unwanted stuff to a charity or freecycle.

Apartment Therapy has a 8 week program from reducing the clutter in your house.

The Story of Stuff video (above) has a great website with more information.

Reduce, reuse and recycle in the garden

Reducing, reusing and recycling items in the garden helps to reduce landfill and can save you money. Composting is the easiest way to reduce your kitchen and garden waste.  Using grey water again in the garden reduces the amount of water flowing to the sewers or a treatment plant.

There are a number of items that can be reused in a garden:

Bath tubs and sinks Worm farm or water feature
Blinds Plant markers
Bricks Pathways and garden bed edges
Cardboard Mulch
Chopsticks Mini stakes
Drift nets Train climbing
Egg cartons Seedling pots (or worm food)
Film containers Storing seeds
Fridge Worm farm or cellar
Glass bottles Pathways and garden bed edges
Ice cream sticks Seedling markers
Ironing board Potting bench
Kid’s pools Ponds
Net curtains Protect trees from birds and bats
Newspaper Mulch
Pantyhose Tying plants
Plastic containers Plant markers
Plastic drink bottles Drip water trees
Polystyrene boxes Plant containers – ideal for lettuce and other salad greens
Toilet paper rolls Cut and fold over the bottom to make seedling pots
Yogurt containers Seedling pots
Wood pallets Compost bays, shed or tiny house

If you are feeling creative, you could do try your hand at mosaics using old tiles and broken crockery, or making a sculpture or piece of artwork out of your trash.

How do you reduce, reuse and recycle in the garden?