Battery Hen Adoption Project

The Battery Hen Adoption Project was started to give battery hens a second chance at life. We look for long term loving homes where the hens can live a happy life after being in a battery cage. They very quickly adjust to life outside a cage and start acting like ‘normal’ chickens within a day.

The hens will continue to lay for many years which in turn provides the adoptive family healthier free range eggs that have been produced without causing suffering to others. If you feed your hens kitchen scraps you are also reducing landfill. Matured chicken manure is a great fertilizer for the garden.  Chickens make wonderful companion animals, as they are very social and intelligent creatures.

The hens are bought from a battery farm just prior to when they would have been slaughtered. The hens are around eighteen months old. We buy as many hens as we have homes for. We ask for a donation which goes towards the cost of purchasing the hens from the farm, transport cost, vet bills, feed and bedding as well as ongoing admin costs such as telephone and printing.

Homes for Hens is based in Brisbane, Queensland and can sometimes help with transport to other areas, including the country.

If you are interested in adopting a chicken, email You will be added to the list of adopters and be contacted in a few weeks before we confirm you are still able to take hens.