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How to cook pork sausages braised in cider


Yesterday I cooked two recipes for dinner for my Learning how to cook with Delia Smith challenge – Pork sausages braised in cider with apple and juniper, and Perfect mashed potato.

Basically you brown the sausages and onions and apples separately , then you combine them together and stew them in a casserole dish on top of the stove. It took about half an hour prep time, and then an additional one hour stewing, so this isn’t a quick after work dish.

Matt adjusted the pan as it wasn’t sitting on the hob properly in the center. I had to take the lid off to boil some of the liquid off and thicken up the cider sauce.

I boiled two potatoes to have as a side and mash them with a cool device which looks like a spiral on the end of a masher. (I don’t know what it’s called but it works a treat.) I added cream instead of crème fraîche because I couldn’t find any in either Coles or Woolies.

The highlight of the dish was the lovely apple and cider gravy. It was nice but I wouldn’t cook it again. The mash was delicious based on cream, but again a bit of treat since rice milk works just as well without the guilt.

Delia’s Complete How to Cook – Fishpond.com.au (Australia)
Delia’s Complete How to Cook – Book Depository (UK)

Written for the Learning how to cook with Delia Smith challenge

100 recipes: Vienna schnitzel

Best recipe
Wienner schnitzel – Valli Little


The French have escalope, the Italians scallopini and vienese schnitzel can be found in German and Austrian homes.

There are a number of different ways to spell vienna schnitzel (also spelt wiener) – and it probably doesn’t help that it can also be adapted to any type of meat. Traditionally the dish is made from thin slices of lean veal or pork (wienerschnitzel), which are pounded to 1/8 inch thick. It makes a great quick dinner.

It’s best to use fresh plain bread crumbs and canola oil, then drain on paper towels after cooking. Japanese panko crumbs can be used for a chunky crunch and are trendy these days.

The crumbed schnitzels are left for 20-30 minutes before frying to allow the egg to harden so that the coating will stay on when cooked. It should puff up in a few places, but never fall away from the veal.
– Margaret Fulton, Encyclopedia of food and cooking

Schnitzel is traditionally served with potato salad (or sometimes frites), green salad and a lemon wedge. However, not sauerkraut as sometimes assumed.



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100 recipes: Roast pork

Best recipe
Perfect roast pork – Marcus Wareing

Aim for pink and moist centre. Roast pork is usually served with crackling and apple sauce.

Clarissa Dickson-Wright and Johnny Scott’s recipe for the perfect roast pork was listed in The Observer’s How to make the perfect…. article, and features in their Sunday Roast cookbook.

Crisp crackling comes from two sorts of salt. Fine salt brings out the moisture, then coarse sea salt creates a nice crust
– Marcus Wareing, How to cook the perfect…



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