Harvest exhibition at GOMA


Yesterday I went to the opening of ‘Harvest’, an exhibition and film program exploring food as a subject for contemporary art. It being held at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) from 28 June to 21 September 2014.


With over 150 works from the Gallery’s Collection, ‘Harvest’ includes magnificent still lifes from the seventeenth century to today, contemporary photography, bold video works, and dramatic large-scale installations, with major new acquisitions of works by Argentine artist Tomás Saraceno.


My favourite pieces were art work by Wei Wei (two above), and this still life.


Afterwards I enjoyed a delicious cheese platter at GOMA Cafe Bistro.

The best bit about this exhibition is that it’s free.

Harvest at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)
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No-dig Gardening by Esther Deans

no dig gardening

Esther Deans’ book on “No-dig Gardening and Leaves of Life” has inspired many vegetable gardens with her no-dig gardening method.

She says “A garden without digging comprises rectangular beds raised above ground level, formed with old pieces of hard board, small concrete clip bricks or anything to hold the rich organic moisture in place.” Esther recommends selecting a sunny spot and watering lightly after each layer.

Here are her step-by-step instructions on how to create a no-dig garden:

  1. Build a box with boards or bricks
  2. A layer of newspaper 1/2 cm thick
  3. Pads of lucerne hay
  4. Sprinkle on a dusting of organic fertilizer
  5. Cover with about 20cm of loose straw
  6. Sprinkle this layer with some fertilizer
  7. Tip a circle of rich compost 10cm deep and about 45cm across where seeds are to be planted.

No-Dig Gardening and Leaves of Life – by Esther Deans

Esther says that the most important thing about a no-dig garden is just that – don’t dig it. She says “Earthworms do a wonderful job of cultivating the soil and do not like to be disturbed.”