Does anyone know what plant this is?


Can anyone identify this plant which is about 30 cm high and has small yellow flowers?

It’s living in our vegetable beds. Matt thinks it may be a companion plant. It doesn’t look like what I planted there – eggplant, pumpkin, leek, rockmelon or watermelon!?! So I’m not sure what it is.


What are these guerrilla fruit trees?


I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and found a pumping permaculture garden along the roadside in some unused land. Obviously the work of some crafty Guerrilla Gardeners. There were plenty of edible natives, but what gave away the patch were the pumpkin vines creeping underneath the fence. You could say the parsley and basil did as well.

I didn’t recognise a few plants including the two above. Does anyone know what they are?