Almond Flour

Almonds are high in manganese, vitamin E and magnesium. As they have a high fat content, it is important to store them properly to stop them from becoming rancid. Store shelled almonds in a tightly sealed container, in a cool dry place away from exposure to sunlight. Almonds and nut flours can be stored in the refrigerated for several months, and in the freezer for up to a year.  Almonds still in their shell have the longest shelf life.

Almond meal is the same as almond flour.

Here are some of the Australian companies that can supply you with bulk quantities of almond flour for cooking:

GAPS Australia
$105 for 5kg certified organic blanched almond flour

Almondco Almond Hut
Sell almond meal (blanched) in a 10kg carton for $100.00. Freight to Queensland will be a further $33.65.
Phone: 08 8586 8800 Email:

Queensland Fruit and Nut Distributors
Almonds blanched meal is $12.80 per kg. Delivery to Brisbane was $7.58.
56 Parramatta Rd, Underwood, QLD 4119
Phone: 07 3208 9488 Email:

Hellene Food Brokers
Almond meal is $10.50 per kg in a 10kg carton. Delivery to Brisbane is $1.00 per order.
17 Duncan Street, West End, QLD 4101
Phone: 07- 3844 2822 Email:

Kumari Spices and Things
$13.30 per kilogram. No minimum amount.
199 Robinson Road, Geebung.
Phone: 07 3265-2099

Mrs Flannerys Natural Grocers
Sells almond meal for $18.99 per kilogram. No minimum amount.

Prices current as of August 2011.

Weekly meal planning


Michelle Maisto in “The Gastronomy of Marriage” talks about her mother’s weekly cooking regime for dinner: “Sunday, pasta with meatballs or braciole, with its toothpicks to look out for. Monday, chicken. Tuesday, a soup with a seasonal vegetable and either lentils or leftover chicken if there was any. Wednesday, was macaroni with string beans or broccoli rabe. Thursdays, a frittata. Fridays, as with most Catholics, fish and on Saturdays came the spoil of a steak or a roast.”

We have a basic formula we follow when planning our weekly meals. A few years ago we based our dinners around the type of meat or our favourite cuisines (A). Recently we have been trying to move away from eating so much red meat to a flexitarian diet  (B). You may even like to think of basing each meal around a main ingredient (C).

A. Meat and cuisine B. Cuisine C. Main ingredient
Asian or Mexican Mexican Corn or Grain
Chicken or turkey Asian Rice
Italian Mediterranean Pasta
Red meat – Beef or lamb Meat and 3 veg Vegetables
Fish Fish and salad Salad
Vegetarian Vegetarian Potato or bean
Pork Roast or casserole Slow cook for the weekends

How do you plan your weekly dinners?