Australian rocky road recipe

This rocky road has Australian touches with macadamias and dried mango. It is traditionally made with melted chocolate, marshmallows and nuts. It’s easy to adapt the basic recipe for

It’s easy to adapt the basic recipe for rocky road – ┬áso for my mum’s 60th, I left out the nuts, and used her favourite chocolate bars chopped up – one Polly waffle and one Turkish delight – then and melted cooking chocolate to bind it all together.

You could use your favourite chocolate bar, small jubes, glazed cherries or even dried cranberries to add some Christmas spirit.

Only add the mint if it’s fresh – at the moment our herbs are the only thing edible in our garden!

This is an easy version to remember – it’s all m’s – macadamias, marshmallows, mango, and mint. Of course, you aren’t going to forget the chocolate, are you?

Australian rocky road recipe

200g dark cooking chocolate
50g dried mango
50g macadamia
50g mini marshmallows
sprig of mint (optional)

  1. Melt the chocolate.
  2. Line a tray with aluminium foil.
  3. Dice the dried mango.
  4. Place the macadamia halves in a plastic bag and break up into smaller pieces with the side of a mallet.
  5. If using, chop the mint finely.
  6. Combine the mango, macadamias, marshmallows and mint.
  7. Mix in the melted chocolate and pour over the tray to set in the fridge.
  8. Leave for about 1 hour or till set and then take out of the fridge and break up into bite size pieces.

I’d love to rename this dish “stormy street” in honour of the stormy weather we’ve been having lately. It’s not really ideal as a summer dish when most of the storms hit Brisbane, so eat it now straight from the fridge, otherwise, you’ll put chocolate fingerprints everywhere!