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Lizards tales

We finally received a truck load of organic material (mostly manure and sugar cane mulch). Half of it will be used to top up the fourth bed, which has sunk to below half way. Unfortunately, the bed will be out of action for another month as all the new material decomposes and before it will be ready for planting into.

Everything is plodding along nicely in the garden. Our roses have aphids, even with garlic cloves planted around the base! One of our baby bean plants was covered in tiny black specks, so I’ve pulled it out. Hopefully we caught it early enough that the insects won’t spread.

Matt got out the pyrethrum and gave everything a good spray. Of course, it rained the next day.

He also found a lizard tail attached to one of the clothes pegs on our Hills Hoist. It’s the second time this has happened. We can’t work out whether a bird put it there, or if the lizards have been crawling all over our washing on the line!

A big hello and welcome to all the readers of Organic Gardener magazine.