Book review: Hungry for Change by James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch

Hungry for Change is written in the same conversational style as the Hungry for Change movie. It includes inspirational before and after stories of people who are following healthier diets. The book covers why diets don’t work, what to eat, drink and think, as well as eating for beauty and detoxing.

Half of the book is recipes with 120 plus of them. There are quotes from the experts, some of whom are well known. There are details of overcoming sugar cravings and instructions on how to complete a 3 day guided detox.

The movie is powerful and motivating, but the book is a good accompaniment for when you need a reminder or recipe.

Hungry for Change by James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch
Hungry for Change website

Hungry for Change – about the experts

I’m counting down the days for the new Hungry for Change documentary. Why? Because it’s produced by the same people who did the “Food Matters” documentary, which is my all time favourite food and nutrition movie. Hands down.

If I’ve learnt anything is the last few years, 100% what food you eat does matter to your health.

While waiting for the release, I wanted to find out some more about the experts featured in the new movie.

Wow what an incredible range of talented people.

Inside your cupboards

It was time for a winter clean of our kitchen, which included emptying out our cupboard and fridge. It wasn’t too bad since our recent weevil infestation and we had already thrown out many unwanted boxes and bottles. Although, we did find a roll of marzipan that expired 2 years ago (from my cupcake decorating faze).

Enjoy seeing what other people eat (and try to spot the snake):

What kind of skeletons do you have in your cupboards?