Grey water

Grey water is typically waste water from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

We looked into using grey water to supplement watering the garden. However, grey water is not suitable for use on vegetable beds, fruit trees or herbs. Grevillas and a large majority of other Australian natives are not tolerant of the levels of phosphorous in grey water.

At the moment, we currently have a grey water hose that attaches the end of the washing machine, and we direct this waste water on to our grassy areas. It’s been effective at keeping our lawn alive in between rainy days, and our grass seems to stay greener longer then our neighbours’.

Grey clouds

The grey clouds this week reminded me of England. We had a good break from watering the garden. Southeast Queensland’s dams are now three-quarters full for the first time in seven years.

However, all of our eggplants split. The seedlings I prepared a little while ago are mostly all at the two leaf stage. Our native Finger Lime is flowering, and our dwarf avocado is budding. The beans are back!

We had our very first baby cabbage last night. A caterpillar had attacked the green outer leaves, so Matt decided it was time to ‘rescue’ it. It had a milder flavour to the usual ones.

We were busy doing non-gardening things this weekend.