Tons of turmeric


Sunday was perfect weather to get outside and garden. It was a lovely break from the rain and cloudy days we have recently been having.

Matt pulled out the dying leaves of two pot plants and look what he uncovered (above). We thought one of them was ginger, but it seems as if they were both turmeric plants. Matt said

There will be turmeric in every meal from now on.

I thought he was joking, but then discovered my spaghetti bolognese had an orange tinge to. Matt asked me whether I could taste it not. Fortunately I couldn’t!

If you want to grow your own turmeric or ginger simply plant one of the rhizomes (like above) and when the leaves die off during winter, it is time to harvest. Save a few of the rhizomes and replant for the following year. Make sure you get an edible ginger. Both plants are very easy to grow and harvest.

Healing herbal teas for digestion


Herbal teas are best brewed for about 5 to 10 minutes in boiling water. You can add a little honey if you like. Here are some herbal teas that are good for improving digestion:


Chamomile has a calming effect on the digestive system. It relaxes and soothes the bowel muscles and is helps to ease spasms. It is perfect as a night cap before going to bed.


Ginger tea is good for tummy upsets. You can purchase it either in tea bags or use grated fresh ginger.

To make ginger tea, grate some fresh ginger root (about half a teaspoonful) into a cup and then add boiling water. Leave for at least 5 minutes to steep and then strain through a small sieve.


Peppermint tea is a fantastic anti-spasmodic. I prefer to use fresh leaves from the garden or organic tea bags (For some reason the non-organic ones have a blah taste to them).

If you are using fresh leaves from the garden, select about five to ten of the bigger ones and cut or rip them up to release more flavour. Add to the bottom of your tea cup and add boiling water.  Leave for at least 5 minutes to steep and then strain through a small sieve.

Other herbal teas

  • Fennel is good for flatulence

Prepared herbal teas