Book Review: One Pot Favourites by Pete Evans


I own a few of Pete Evan’s paleo cookbooks and I love them all. I was keen to see if his latest cookbook ‘One Pot Favourites’ lived up to my expectations.

The cookbook features one hundred meals to roast, braise and slow cook. You can adapt the recipes, but you may like to invest in a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

All of the recipes are paleo friendly, so they don’t contain dairy, legumes, grains or refined sugar.


We tried the tikka masala recipe, but swapped the chicken for lamb. The instructions were easy to follow and dinner was delicious. We served it with steamed rice, but to keep it paleo you could use cauliflower rice.

There are chapters devoted to vegetables, seafood, poultry, pork, lamb, goat, game and beef. You’ll be tempted by recipes for creamy cauliflower and coconut curry, whole roasted salmon with lemon and herbs, congee, Jewish penicillin (chicken soup), duck vindaloo, and porchetta with crispy crackling. The recipes come from all around the world from Bali, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, France, Ethiopia, Peru, South Africa, Jamaica and the Middle East.

I’ve bookmarked a few recipes for dinner next week and I can’t wait to try another hearty meal from this cookbook.

Highly recommended.

One Pot Favourites by Pete Evans is available to purchase from Dymocks online or in one of their book stores.

SBS’s Gourmet Farmer returns

I’m a big fan of personal challenges, but I wonder if Matthew Evans has bitten off more than he can chew?

Matthew, with his partner Sadie and son Hedley, are now living on a small farm in Tasmania. He tries his hand at farming and experimenting with making artisanal produce. Farming for three – how hard can it be?

I can’t believe he named his pigs cassoulet and prosciutto!

Matthew starts up-scaling his farm by expanding from two pigs to 22. He sets about coming up with ways of preserving and selling the extra pork produce from more than just his market stall.  An invitation to Slow Food’s Salon in Turin affords him the opportunity to travel abroad to Italy and France.  There he learns skilled ways of preserving meat which could help him balance his ‘drought or glut’ issues.

With his good friends Nick and Ross, a new business idea is born – A Common Ground.  The aim of his new business is to travel to remote locations around Tasmania to set up a long table, and cook multiple course menus from produce sourced solely from the area.  Whether or not locals and mainlanders will travel the miles and pay the price for a genuine locavore experience is yet to be seen.

Look out for the memorable Kayak trip down the Picton River with Nick and Ross.

I’d give the farming a miss, but I’d love to make a documentary on food.

The second series of Gourmet Farmer commences Thursday 25 August at 7.30pm on SBS ONE.