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Eating well on a budget is always one of the hardest parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true if your current lifestyle leaves you very little room to prepare healthy meals at home. Getting the recommended fruits and vegetables, for example, and having them prepared in a healthy manner is not an easy feat. As a health conscious, single entrepreneur, in the early throes of building a successful business, this is often my reality. I decided to do some online research into already prepared delivery meal options and I stumbled across EatNow‘s services. EatNow as the slogan suggests, is as easy as search, order, eat. It is the most convenient way to plan dinner that I have found. It doesn’t surprise me that EatNow is Australia’s number one online store of its kind.


Instead of going out to find the food, EatNow brings the food to you. I used EatNow for the first time by logging onto their website from my laptop. Living in the suburbs, I thought there would not be many options suited to my needs that would offer delivery. Boy, was I wrong. Once I typed in my postcode, I was provided a list of the closest options to peruse thanks to the vast database. I felt like the luckiest bloke in the world at that point. I carefully looked through the options given and noticed that each item was complete with the names of restaurants, addresses, customer reviews, menus, payment options, deals and much more.

The restaurants listed catered to just about every palette and special dietary need you can even imagine. In fact, you can not only search by postcode, but also by cuisine or special need such as vegetarian or gluten free. Finally, I decided that I would try a medium spicy vegetarian dish of marinated mushrooms roasted in tandoor, with a mixed salad and chutney from a new Indian restaurant only a few blocks away. The checkout process was seamless and I was able to choose from a myriad of payment options — including credit/debit cards, cash and even Paypal. I opted for the latter. The service was fast. Within 20 minutes of placing my order, I was having a delicious dinner.

After that initial experience, I realised that EatNow also has a mobile app that allows you to place online orders on the go. Although I was fine with placing my orders via my computer right before leaving work in the evenings, it was nice to know that this flexible option was available. I also discovered that the EatNow service is great for throwing small dinner parties and other such gatherings. It is simply a matter of deciding on the menu and then placing the necessary orders to coincide with the start of your party.

Often, when using a digital interface, security or lack thereof can be a cause for concern. However, with EatNow services, there is an SMS confirmation that follows each order. This serves as your receipt should the need arise and increases security.

Overall, a quick and easy way to organise dinner(or lunch) when in a rush, and made my life much easier.

How we can eat our landscapes – by Pam Warhurst TED video

What should a community do with its unused land? Plant food, of course. With energy and humor, Pam Warhurst tells at the TED Salon the story of how she and a growing team of volunteers came together to turn plots of unused land into communal vegetable gardens, and to change the narrative of food in their community.

Pam Warhurst co-founded Incredible Edible, an initiative in Todmorden, England dedicated to growing food locally by planting on unused land throughout the community.

For National Volunteer Week.

Restaurant review: Atomica Eat Drink

‘Atomica Eat Drink’ is in the middle of the main shopping area of West End at 173 Boundary Street. The menu is reasonably priced and offers all day breakfasts, fancy rolls and several specials. I had the vegetarian breakfast with poached eggs. I don’t like mushrooms and fortunately I was allowed to replaced them with some bacon (otherwise my plate might have been a bit bare!) My meal had fantastic bread and sweet potato hash, and a side of spinach and a watery tomato. Big M had a fancy sandwich with roast pumpkin, mushroom, feta, babganoush and rocket on Turkish bread, which was too light with only one slice of bread. The service was slow and the décor was standard café. Overall the place needs a little pepping up.
3 stars

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