Paleo chocolate banana milkshake

I love milkshakes, but dairy ones give me a bloated stomach, so this one is made on coconut milk. Chocolate and banana are a great combination and with few extra ingredients it’s a winner.

Paleo chocolate banana milkshake
1 cup coconut milk
1 banana, fresh or frozen
1 tsp cocoa or cocao powder
4 dates or 1 tsp honey
a pinch of cinnamon

  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender, and wiz to mix.

Serves 1.

Carob smoothie

This is my current favourite smoothie. Carob doesn’t taste like chocolate, so don’t think of it as a substitute because it has its own merits. During the war, people would eat carob pods as a way of surviving the food shortages. The bushy tree grows to about 18m high. They are low maintenance and tolerate drought conditions.

The carob and aloe vera in this smoothie are fantastic for inflammation. Use cocoa if you want.

1 tsp carob or cocoa
1 banana
½ cup of almond milk, rice milk or milk
1 tbsp aloe vera (optional)
1 tsp honey (optional)
dash of cinnamon (optional)

  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and mix until smooth.

Serves 1.

Passionfruit lemonade

Last year we took bags of passionfruit to work, because we weren’t really fussed on them. I like the taste, but can’t be bothered with the seeds. Passionfruit is very high in vitamin C, so this refreshing drink is slightly less naughty than the bottled stuff. Adjust the water, sugar and fruit ratio depending on whether you like tart or sweet lemonade. Perhaps I should call it passionade?

Passionfruit lemonade

1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon and passionfruit juice, strain the seeds
3 cups of water
½ cup of white sugar

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a jug.
  2. Refrigerate for an hour.
  3. Add ice and garnish with mint to serve.

Notes: To make up one cup of juice I used 3 lemons and 7 passionfruits – but please just take these amounts as approximates. Use what you have. I also dissolved the sugar in one cup of boiling water first before adding the remaining cold water.

Strawberry smoothie

This is an great way to have your two fruits a day. I think we have lost the strawberries that were growing in the hanging basket. I might have forgotten to water them for about a week, as they aren’t near the rest of the fruit trees and vegetable beds. I adore the taste of home-grown strawberries, but at the moment they’re not contributing anything to our challenge. My second lot are doing well, so I’ll need to be more diligent with them.

I’ve used frozen strawberries for this recipe, but you can substitute any of the other berries. Adjust the quantities to suit your taste, but if you are using frozen items make sure your blender can do ice, otherwise you might wreck the blades. The mixture is thick, so you may like to add more liquid to serve 2 people. I also add a spoonful of flaxseed oil to keep my skin healthy, but that’s optional.

Strawberry smoothie

½ cup fresh or frozen strawberries
1/4 cup of almond milk, rice milk, or milk
1 banana, small, cubed
1 teaspoon honey
4 ice cubes (optional)

  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Serves 1.

Restaurant review: Atomica Eat Drink

‘Atomica Eat Drink’ is in the middle of the main shopping area of West End at 173 Boundary Street. The menu is reasonably priced and offers all day breakfasts, fancy rolls and several specials. I had the vegetarian breakfast with poached eggs. I don’t like mushrooms and fortunately I was allowed to replaced them with some bacon (otherwise my plate might have been a bit bare!) My meal had fantastic bread and sweet potato hash, and a side of spinach and a watery tomato. Big M had a fancy sandwich with roast pumpkin, mushroom, feta, babganoush and rocket on Turkish bread, which was too light with only one slice of bread. The service was slow and the décor was standard café. Overall the place needs a little pepping up.
3 stars

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