Free Paleo Food and Exercise Diary

Paleo Food and Exercise Diary

I’ve been looking everywhere for a free food and exercise diary which was customized towards the goals of the Paleo diet. Alas I couldn’t find anything.

I have trialed this template and found it works well for my needs. It is best if you print off three months worth and put it in a ring binder folder. It is well known that to develop a new habit it takes on average 90 days.

The left hand side is for recording your food and drink intake. The right hand side is a little more adaptable and can be used for your exercise and then doing your macronutrient sums. If you need more space to write down your calculations you can use the back of the page.

At the bottom of the page there is a summary. I write down how I feel that day and reflect on my overall health and fitness goals.

Please download the free A4 printable paleo-food-exercise-diary-template (PDF) and let me know if it works for you.

Keeping records

We’ve been keeping a record of our garden in a number of different ways. Records help to keep track of what is working and what doesn’t, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes next year. It also helps to make a note of what is planted where, because it’s easy to forget. I have trouble trying to identify the most common flowers, let alone immature heirloom plants!

I first started recording notes in a week-to-a-spread diary. I liked the idea of dates, but found the space for weekends wasn’t big enough, which is when we spend most our time in the garden. There are specialized diaries for gardeners and they might suit you.

I also started a spreadsheet with a grid of plant common and scientific names, purchased date and where planted. It took a lot of effort to keep it updated and I soon lost interest. I don’t really need to know the name of every native in my garden.

I’ve enjoyed blogging about my garden the most. Illustrating blog posts with photos adds so much more information then I could describe. I also love receiving advice from fellow gardeners. There are a number of blog sites you can join: Blogger, TypePad and WordPress.

I keep a mud-map of our four vegetable patches with what it planted where.

We also tally up our harvest totals in a simple ruled notepad.

There are some gardening software programs and online communities that you could use. MyFolia is free and appears to be a popular choice.

I’ve found that keeping records is necessary, but keep it simple so you stick with it.

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