Do owls keep the possums away?


We are fortunate enough not to have any possums. When our neighbours had their mango tree, the possums used to eat the mangoes and then the seeds would fall on our garage roof in the middle of the night. Sometimes we hear possums on our roof, but mostly they are just passing through.

My theory for not having any resident possums in our garden is based on a very large eucalyptus tree in the nature strip near us. I think that a bird of prey lives in the tree and these large birds are keeping the possums out of our garden.

Matt has seen an owl in our backyard near the bird bath. We have also seen a couple of tawny frog-mouths on a number of different occasions.

Scott Alexander King describes owls as “nocturnal birds of prey, made up of two distinct groups: the Typical Owls, of which there are about 122 species, and the Barn owls of which there are about 12 individuals species. While there are some anatomical differences between the two families, all Owls have nocturnal vision, silent flight and a carnivorous diet….. She is one of the few creatures that actually waits for the sun to come up before retiring for a well-earned rest. She literally welcomes the sun as it illuminates and warms the horizon each morning.”

At a recent gardening presentation, one of the attendants mentioned that if possums are eating the fruit and vegetables in your backyard garden then you could try putting up a plastic owl to keep them away. She added that if the¬†silhouette didn’t work, then you could try placing a solar powered light behind the owl, which will shine on the owl during the night and it will keep your garden safe.

Hoot. Hoot. Hoot.

Animal Dreaming – by Scott Alexander King