Water restrictions

It was a refreshing change to have several days of rain last week. Brisbane has been on water restrictions, which were lifted slightly in April. Most people I spoke to wanted the restrictions to stay for a little while longer, because at that stage the dams were only half full. Now the dams are reaching three quarters full – I wonder when the drought will be officially declared over?

Matt dutifully tracks the rainfall in a gauge he got for Christmas. It’s not unusual for our garden to not receive a drop of rainfall for six weeks at a stretch.

We started this year on a target of 170 litres of mains water per person per day, and now the government has relaxed the target a little to 200 litres. We were pleased to discover that our water consumption is half the average target.

The hose pipe ban has also been lifted. We’re now able to use mains water on alternate days to water the garden, wash the car and general outdoor cleaning. My relatives in Toowoomba were on even stricter restrictions. They have been using buckets to water their garden, and complaining of “level 5 shoulder injuries”.

Grey clouds

The grey clouds this week reminded me of England. We had a good break from watering the garden. Southeast Queensland’s dams are now three-quarters full for the first time in seven years.

However, all of our eggplants split. The seedlings I prepared a little while ago are mostly all at the two leaf stage. Our native Finger Lime is flowering, and our dwarf avocado is budding. The beans are back!

We had our very first baby cabbage last night. A caterpillar had attacked the green outer leaves, so Matt decided it was time to ‘rescue’ it. It had a milder flavour to the usual ones.

We were busy doing non-gardening things this weekend.