Design your own chocolate with Chocolab


Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Well imagine being able to create the chocolate bar of your dreams. It’s true, you can do it with Chocolab! You really can be just like Willy Wonka.

To start with you select the type of Belguim chocolate base you want to use – milk, white or dark. Then you can select from hundreds of ingredients to create your own unique personalised bar. You can create your decadent chocolate bar with up to five ingredients like spices, fruit, biscuits, nuts and all your favourite sweets from childhood.

I went with a dark chocolate base, and added cinnamon, passionfruit powder, Ovalteenies, raspberries, and candied orange peel.


My customised chocolate bar arrived in the post and I couldn’t wait to try it.

It was super delicious. The chocolate was first class and smooth. I was happy with my selection – the flavours married together well.

You could create a chocolate bar for Mother’s day, give them out as Wedding favours, or simply buy one for yourself.

Design your own chocolate and have it delivered direct to your door by express post. Head over to and create the bar of your dreams.

What is a bouquet garni?


A bouquet garni is a french cooking technique for a bundle of herbs tied together with string. It adds flavour and aroma to a dish.

Cooking School Provence says:

A bouquet garni should include a minimum of three herbs or aromatic vegetables, but you can use as many as you like. Add bouquet garnis to stews, roasts and pot roasts at the end of the preparation stage, just before the main cooking starts. Remove and discard the bouquet garni before serving.

There are three main steps to preparing a bouquet garni:

  1. Select a good base with a 4 to 7 cm segment of either celery, fennel or a leek leaf. Alternatively you can use a small square of muslin cloth. 
  2. Add herbs to the bundle. 
  3. Wrap the herbs up in the base and tie up the bundle with a piece of kitchen string. Le Cordon Bleu recommends you “leave a long tail to the string for easy removal”. Some chefs tie the bundle to the pan handle.


  • classic base: parsley and a bay leaf or thyme
  • meat dish: add celery and rosemary
  • chicken or pork dish: celery, rosemary with tarragon or sage
  • fish dish: fennel, thyme, dill and a bay leaf


Transition tip: Create a Personal Energy Descent Action Plan (PEDAP)


Transition tip: Create a Personal Energy Descent Action Plan (PEDAP)

A Personal Energy Descent Action Plan (PEDAP) is a plan for dealing with Peak Oil and climate change at the family or household level. The aim of the plan is to head towards a more localized, lower energy and sustainable lifestyle.  A family may get together and have a brainstorming session about their goals and ideas on how to achieve this.

  1. Start with some butchers paper, coloured pens and some paper stickies
  2. Across the top divide the page up into 20 years including 5 year increments to cover the next 20 years
  3. Down the left hand side add the following categories:
  • Emergency Preparation
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Home
  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Waste
  • Water

As you come up with ideas add them to a paper sticky and then place them in the time frame when you think they are achievable.

Add some of the transition tips or personal household preparation suggestions as appropriate.

Don’t forget to document the plan (perhaps typing it up) and celebrate your success. Have some fun with it.

Case Studies

Have you created a Personal Energy Descent Plan yet?