How to select and store cheese


Dairy Australia says to remember the three R’s when selecting Australian cheese.

“When a cheese is Ripe and at Room temperature, it’s Ready to serve.”

They also make the following recommendations for selecting cheese:

  • Where possible, always taste the cheese prior to purchasing
  • Choose one or two perfectly ripened cheeses, rather than a collection of mediocre cheese to feature on a cheese platter
  • If possible, buy cheese freshly cut from a larger wheel or piece.
  • Choose cheese close to use-by date. Cheese is often reduce in price close to the use-by date for a quick sale. This is great for consumers as cheese is often ripe and at its best by then.

Storing cheese

It is best to store cheese wrapped in its original wrapper. Otherwise use waxed paper or loose cling wrap to allow the cheese to breathe.

Avoid using foil for wrapping blue cheese as it will react with the cheese. Instead store blue mould and washed rind cheeses in a covered container to reduce odours in the refrigerator.

Avoid stacking cheeses with rinds on top of each other as this hinders the maturation process.

Pat Coleby reveals why she changed her farming methods

Pat Coleby reveals why she changed her farming methods to natural methods.

I love Pat Coleby’s books. Highly recommended.

Pat Coleby can be found over at Farming Secrets.

List of biological dentists in Australia

I love this video by David Wolf on how to care for your teeth.

Next time you visit a dentist look for a biological or holistic one. You want to search for some who does mercury (amalgam) free fillings. They will also remove any existing mercury fillings safely using a rubber dam and dispose of them correctly. They will also have a follow-up protocol.

Your teeth are alive, so look after them.

Here are some of the biological dentists I am aware of:


New South Wales

South Australia


New Zealand

  • Dr Gregory Gibb, Auckland
  • Dr Mike Godrey, Bay of Plenty

Please leave a comment below if you  have seen any other holistic dentists and can recommend them.

If you are passionate about this subject, you can visit:

Australians for Mercury Free Dentistry