Seedlings at the local markets


On Sunday, I went to my local markets and bought some seedlings in heritage varieties – beans, peas, rhubarb and two types of kale. I also bought a little pot of strawberries called temptation. I already have some growing in a long container, but I want to eat more than one at a time, so I planted the new one in the garden bed. Berries are very high in activated folate so I’ve been eating punnets of them lately.

I also bought a handmade wooden bird box. The guy who sold it me said it was his form of art therapy. I noticed he had a wheelchair and I spent some time talking to him about his hobby. He asked me what type of bird I had and I explained it was for the native birds.

I then bought a blue crocheted scarf off of a lady who was selling jam and preserves. She told me how she liked to crochet at night in front of the television with her dog near by for company. She said she wasn’t selling them for the money, she just loved creating things with her hands. Anything that doesn’t sell she donates to a charity for homeless people, where she also spends her time volunteering.

Later we planted these new seedlings in the vegetables beds. I also planted two new bottle brushes, some daisies and other herbs. The parsley has self seeded – which is one of the benefits of buying open-pollinated, heirloom varieties.

We can’t tell if the spring bulbs are coming up yet or if it is grass. We’ll have to wait and see.

Potted berries

Sunday was a productive afternoon in the garden. The mild weather was a pleasant change from the strong winds and cold evenings.

A large long box arrived from The Diggers Club a fortnight ago, so it was time to repot some of the miniature fruit trees into large plastic pots. We now have a babaco and berries – goose, marion, and two types of raspberry. I haven’t worked out a good home for the spiky berries, so they will temporarily live next to the other fruit trees. We also repotted three different guavas – pineapple, Chilean and yellow.

Our older native raspberry had three red fruit ready so it was time for the long awaited taste test. Matt thought it was pretty tasteless and I thought it was tart.

I finished off the forth bed with some seedlings of mini white cauliflower and baby broccoli. I  added some silverbeet and tomatoes in the bare patches. All four beds are now full and hopefully it won’t be long before they start producing more. It feels like cheating buying seedlings, but they save me a month of so of growing time.

The choko and passionfruit vines have slowed down and are dying back.

The peas are so delicious off the bush that there haven’t been enough to make it into a boiling pot of water for dinner.