How to make your own air freshener


The best way to freshen the air inside your house it to open up the windows.

You may like to add some indoor plants to help filter out any existing pollutants and toxic chemicals.

Add some natural essential oils to a burner if you like aromatherapy.

Other green air freshener products to try are:

Growing better indoor air

Grow your own fresh air – an excellent online presentation by Kamal Meattle.

Indoor air can become polluted from cleaning products, fabrics, flooring, furniture and new paint. Toxic chemicals that may be found indoors include acetone, ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene. They can irritate eyes and skin, and may contribute to asthma, headaches, and hay fever.

The good news is that indoor plants are effective at breaking down these polluting substances. Plants can also remove mould spores and other unhealthy microbes. Try a few of these in your home: