Review: Zazen water filter

When we went looking for a water filter a few months ago I found very few reviews to help me decide which one to purchase. I knew that I was after a bench-top system that could filter out flouride, but also put back in some of the good trace elements that would be found in natural spring water. We decided to purchase a Zazen water filter system as it met my requirements and produces alkaline mineral water.

The water tastes clean and absolutely fantastic. Whenever I taste other tap water now, I can really notice a distinct difference.

Every couple of days we top up the system with a jug or two of water from the tap. The maintenance is even easier than our old Brita Jug Filter (which does not filter out flouride). You replace the filter cartridge every 6 months, and the ceramic filter and silver stones every year.

Zazen claims that their water only costs 5 cents a litre.

Highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Review: Zazen water filter”

  1. hi, have you had your tap/zazen water independently tested to see what it removes/replaces?
    do you know if it is actually imparting qualities that are useful for humans?
    I’m interested in purchasing one but for $500 i’d like to know that it’s backed up by some solid science and not just the ad spiel on their website.
    cheers :)

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