Review: Wild Sugar


I couldn’t wait to take this raw dessert home from Sunday’s Northey Street Organic Markets to try it. I would have tried it on location, but we arrived near closing and the seller had run out of spoons.

This looks as good as it tastes! It was a beautiful soft light strawberry and chocolate mousse on a macadamia base. Full of lots of organic goodness and divinely delicious. And guess who it was made by? None other than Masterchef contestant, Skye Craig from Wild Sugar.

I was too shy to talk to Skye, maybe next time. I feel like too much of my life is taken up by Masterchef. One of the guys at work thought he had become too obsessed when he noticed that he was sitting on the couch waiting for the show to start, and he looked over at his partner who was reading the first edition of the Masterchef magazine and down in his lap was the second edition!

Next week, I’m going early and I want to try all the other desserts I missed out on.

2 thoughts on “Review: Wild Sugar

  1. Leah

    I tried some of Skye’s desserts a few weekends ago – really enjoyed them, unfortunately I didn’t get more than a bite (was sharing them with family). I will have to head back to Northey St next weekend. I know what you mean about Masterchef taking over your life… what will fill the void once it’s over?!


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