Puk Coffee review

Puk Espresso sign

Puk Coffee is located underneath the Story Bridge at Kangaroo Point, so you’d expect it to be noisy, but you can’t hear the traffic at all.

Puk Coffee outside

We sat outside where the Ekka winds made it a little cool but a beautiful day for winter. I wish I’d worn my jumper.

Puk Moonshine Coffee

Puk Coffee serve Moonshine Coffee Roasters coffee from Federal, in the hinterland near Byron Bay, New South Wales. They also serve T2 tea.

Puk mocha

I had a delicious mocha, which I couldn’t fault.

Puk espresso

Matt had a short black, which he thought was very smooth. How cool is the cup?

Puk breakfast bagel

The menu had a good selection of reasonably priced items – all of which were under $10. We both ordered the breakfast bagel, which was a free-range omelette, with double bacon and BBQ sauce. I found mine a little peppery, but a filling way to start a Sunday.

Puk Coffee
98 Main St
Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

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