Food Matters Live


We enjoyed the Food Matters live seminar held at South Bank in Brisbane.

We heard Jon Gabriel talk about healing the mind and body as a way to weight loss. He guided us through a relaxation exercise. The he asked us “why would your body want to be fat?”

James Colquhoun talked about the experience of healing his dad as the instigator of making the Food Matters documentary.


The second documentary the couple made was called “Hungry for Change”. It was the first documentary to première and launch for free online. How cool is that?

Then James talked about FMTV – which he fondly says ‘It’s like Netflix® for health’.


Dr Libby Weaver was bundle of positive energy. You can watch her TEDx talk to get a taste of what she is about The pace of modern life versus our cavewoman biochemistry.

Laurentine ten Bosch then chatted with James about the twelve steps to wellness. Lee Holmes and Kim Morrison also made enlightening presentations. There were cooking demonstrations and Wes Carr finished the day with some great tunes.

It was a great educational experience with a reminder that our health is in our hands.

Food Matters. It really does.


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