Make Peace with your Plate – by Jess Ainscough is a part memoir and part discussion on “ditching diets and mending our torturous relationships with food.”

The book explores common diet myths and encourages a ‘whole food’ plant-based way of eating, whether that is raw, vegan, vegetarian or includes some meat that is up to you to decide.

It’s about loving and accepting ourselves and eating food that loves us back.

Jess says: ‘This book also covers the lifestyle, diet and mindset changes that keep me thriving, six years after my incurable cancer diagnosis at 22 years old.’

Jess talks about her journey with Gersons Therapy and doesn’t shy away from singing the merits of coffee enemas. She also talks about body brushing, clay eating, and oil pulling. Jess discusses the chemicals and food which are harmful to us and then recommends products which are better for our health.

The book includes healthy recipes and meditations. Although it was originally released as an ebook, this edition contains three times the amount of content.

Make Peace with your Plate is an inspiring story of transformation and a great introduction to a whole food plant-based way of eating.


Make Peace with your Plate – by Jess Ainscough

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