Bill’s Italian Food by Bill Granger book review


Bill’s Italian Food by Bill Granger covers over 110 recipes with full-colour photographs of the dishes and happy shots of Bill’s family. Although the recipes are not necessarily authentic Italian fare, they are Bill’s interpretation.


The recipes are divided into the following sections: pantry, instant, weekday, slow, dinner, party and sweets.


We tried the Bellissimo meatloaf with simple tomato salad as well as the mozzarella, roasted capsicum and caper pizza and both were delicious. Highlights from the book include slow roasted lamb shoulder, with orange, anchovy and fennel; as well as the chocolate and hazelnut cake with Nutella frosting.


Granger confesses it’s not just the food he loves, but they way Italians live: “They don’t suck coffee from disposable sippy-cups … They lean against marble bars and drink tiny grown-up espressos.”

Bill’s Italian Food is a delightful and seasonal Italian inspired cookbook.

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