Book review: Baby Boomers, Bellies and Blood Sugars by Jennifer Elliot


Jennifer realised something was wrong when her daughter started gaining weight at an early age, despite a healthy diet and lifestyle. After much research she discovered her daughter had insulin resistance and was more prone to gaining weight than most people. She had followed all the recommended protocols but nothing had worked!

With over 30 years experience as a dietitian, Jennifer believes that the public is being given the wrong message by the majority of health platforms. For this reason she wrote the book Baby Boomers, Bellies & Blood Sugars to educate the public on why many people gain weight easily and the best way to manage diabetes, insulin resistance and weight gain.

Jennifer’s book describes an easy to follow low-carbohydrate eating plan. She explains how carbohydrates are converted into sugar with clear diagrams. She also dispels a number of common diet myths, including busting up the current diabetes management recommendations.

The full colour book includes a list of common questions and answers. The second half of the book features 45 low carbohydrate recipes with illustrations.

Baby Boomers, Bellies & Blood Sugars is a quick read which doesn’t get bogged down in medical terminology and biochemistry to explain the diet theory.

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Baby Boomers, Bellies & Blood Sugars is available online. RRP $29.95

Thank you WordStorm for providing a copy of the book for review. 

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