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Potato gnocchi filled with mixed mushrooms with a butter, sage and balsamic sauce – Gennaro Contaldo


Italian: gnocchi de pommes de terre

Gnocchi is small poached dumplings served as a first course. They can be typically made from mashed potato, semolina or polenta, or ricotta and spinach. The best gnocchi is light and made with old potatoes, and varieties such as Nicola, Desiree or Toolangi. If you bake the potatoes rather than boil them, there will be less moisture so you’ll need less flour.

Before forming the dough into gnocchi test a small lump by dropping it into a pot of boiling water. if it floats to the surface you can proceed. if it disintegrates, add more flour to the dough.
– Meera Freeman, Cooking Class

When the gnocchi floats freely on the surface they are fully cooked.

Typically served with a meat ragu or butter and Parmesan.


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