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Panna cotta – Gustoso


Italian: panna cotta

Panna cotta is a creamy dessert set with gelatine, from Piedmont . The name “panna cotta” means cooked cream in Italian. The aim is to get a silky smooth texture, which is not rubbery.

Leaf gelatine is easier to use than powdered, and gives a smoother result. If your gelatin has left lumpy bits strain the mixture. Alternatively use agar agar to make the dish vegetarian.

To prevent the mixture separating you need to work diligently and place it into the fridge as soon as you are finished.

You may like to slighly oil your mould. To remove the panna cotta dip the moulds in warm water to release them easily. Alternatively you may also like to serve them in a ramekin dish.

Serve panna cotta the traditional way with fresh berries and honey drizzled over, or alternatively with a sauce or stewed fruit.



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