100 recipes: Chocolate cake

Best recipe
Sachertorte – Delia Smith


A personal favourite dish of many people, myself included. Chocolate cakes are perfect for celebrations and treating yourself.

Jill Dupleix conducted some taste tests and recommends Elizabeth David’s flourless version, from her French Provincial Cooking cookbook as “the best chocolate cake in the world”. Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall also gives it his vote. It is also known as the Riene de Saba or the Queen of Sheba.

Nigel Slater’s recipe for the perfect chocolate cake was listed in The Observer’s How to make the perfect…. article.

The River Cafe’s Chocolate Nemesis cake is infamous for be hard to recreate – with rumours that the recipe in the first cookbook was not the same as the one served at the restaurant.

Adding 2 tbsp of your favourite liquor transforms this into an adult cake. I like Cointreau (orange) and Frangelico.
– Claire Preen, Chocolatier, Blue Mountain Chocolate Company


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