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The following is a list of foods that are allowed (legal) and foods that are not allowed (illegal) while following the Paleo diet. 

Saccharin Not allowed Sweet’N Low
Safflower oil Not allowed
Saffron Allowed
Sage Allowed
Sago Not allowed
Salmon Allowed Wild
Sardines Allowed Wild
Sauerkraut Allowed Goitrogenic
Scallops Allowed
Schmaltz (chicken fat) Allowed Look for pasture-raised, grass- organic sources
Seafood Allowed Look for pasture-raised, grass- organic sources
Sea lettuce Allowed
Sea salt Allowed
Seaweed Allowed
Seeds, including seed butters Allowed
Sesame oil Allowed Buy organic, extra-virgin, and cold-pressed.
Sesame seeds Allowed
Shallots Allowed
Shortening Not allowed From hydrogenated oil.
Shrimp Allowed
Snails Allowed
Snap peas Allowed
Snapper Allowed
Sorghum Not allowed
Sorghum syrup Not allowed
Sour cream Allowed if Primal Not allowed on whole30.
Soy Not allowed
Soybean oil Not allowed
Spearmint Allowed
Spinach Allowed Goitrogenic, buy organic
Spirulina Allowed
Spring onions Allowed
Squab Allowed
Squash Allowed
Star anise Allowed
Star fruit Allowed
Strawberries Allowed Buy organic
Sucrose Not allowed
Suet Allowed
Sugar Not allowed
Sugar snap peas Allowed
Sunchokes Allowed
Sun-dried tomatoes Allowed Nightshade
Sunflower oil Not allowed
Sunflower seeds Allowed
Stevia  Allowed Green leaf or extract only. Avoid white and bleached brands, like Truvia, Sun Crysals. Not allowed on whole30.
Sweet potato Allowed Goitrogenic, Occasionally
Swordfish Allowed
Sucalose Not allowed Splenda