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The following is a list of foods that are allowed (legal) and foods that are not allowed (illegal) while following the Paleo diet. 

Macadamia nuts Allowed  
Macadamia nut oil Allowed Buy organic, extra-virgin, and cold-pressed.
Mace Allowed  
Mackerel Allowed  
Mahi mahi Allowed  
Mangoes Allowed  
Margarine Not allowed  
Malitol Not allowed  
Malt syrup Not allowed  
Maltodextrin Not allowed  
Maltose Not allowed  
Mannitol Not allowed  
Maple syrup Allowed Not allowed on whole30.
Marjoram Allowed  
Meat Allowed Look for pasture-raised, grass- organic sources
Melons Allowed  
Milk Allowed if Primal. Almond and coconut milk are good alternatives. Not allowed on whole30.
Millet Not allowed  
Mineral water Allowed  
Mint Allowed  
Mizuna Allowed  
Molasses Allowed  
Muscovado Not allowed  
Mushrooms Allowed  
Mustard Allowed Goitrogenic. Look for gluten-free.
Mustard greens Allowed  
Mutton Allowed  
Mussels Allowed