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The following is a list of foods that are allowed (legal) and foods that are not allowed (illegal) while following the Paleo diet. 

Daikon Allowed
Dairy, full fat Allowed if Primal Look for pasture-raised, grass- organic sources. Not allowed on whole30.
Dates (whole) Allowed Includes date sugar and date syrup.
Dandelion greens Allowed
Demerara sugar Not allowed
Dextran Not allowed
Dextrose Not allowed
Diastatic malt Not allowed
Diatase Not allowed
Dill Allowed
Dried apples Allowed
Dried apricots Allowed
Dried blueberries Allowed
Dried cranberries Allowed
Dried currants Allowed
Dried figs Allowed
Dried mango Allowed
Dried pineapple Allowed
Dried raspberries Allowed
Duck Allowed
Duck fat Allowed Look for pasture-raised, grass- organic sources
Dulse Allowed