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The following is a list of foods that are allowed (legal) and foods that are not allowed (illegal) while following the Paleo diet. 

Cabbage Allowed Goitrogenic
Canola oil Not allowed
Capers Allowed
Capsicum Allowed Nightshade
Caramel Not allowed
Caraway Allowed
Cardamom Allowed
Carob powder Allowed
Carob syrup Not allowed
Catfish Allowed
Carp Allowed
Carrots Allowed
Cassava Allowed
Cauliflower Allowed Goitrogenic
Cayenne Allowed Nightshade
Celery Allowed Buy organic
Celery seed Allowed
Chard Allowed
Chia seeds Allowed
Cheese Allowed if Primal Not allowed on whole30.
Cherries Allowed
Chervil Allowed
Chestnuts Allowed
Chicken Allowed
Chicory Allowed
Chilli powder Allowed Nightshade
Chipotle Allowed Nightshade
Chickpeas Not allowed
Chives Allowed
Chlorella Allowed
Chocolate, dark Allowed Avoid ones with sugar.
Cilantro Allowed
Cinnamon Allowed
Clams Allowed
Clarified butter, ghee Allowed Look for pasture-raised, grass- organic sources
Clove Allowed
Cocoa powder Allowed
Coconut aminos Allowed Good soy-sauce replacement.
Coconut butter Allowed
Coconut milk Allowed
Coconut oil Allowed Buy organic, unrefined
Coconut shredded, flakes Allowed
Coconut sugar Allowed Includes coconut nectar and coconut crystals. Not allowed on whole30.
Coconut water / juice Allowed
Cod Allowed
Coffee Allowed Look for organic.
Collard greens Allowed Goitrogenic, buy organic
Coriander Allowed
Corn Not allowed
Corn oil Not allowed
Corn syrup Not allowed Includes corn syrup solids
Cranberries Allowed
Cream Allowed if Primal
Cucumbers Allowed
Cumin Allowed
Currants Allowed
Curry Allowed