The best infra-red saunas in Brisbane with reviews


After reading about the benefits of infra-red saunas we decided to road-test Brisbane’s hot spots. Here are our tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience:

  • Drinks lots of extra water beforehand
  • Take your own towel
  • Wear your bathers or swimmers underneath your clothes
  • Take some spare underwear to change in to
  • Take a bottle of water for the car trip home

After your sauna session, you’ll feel super relaxed and refreshed. You’ll probably just want to curl up on a bed with a good book or watch a movie. Don’t plan a big day afterwards. Just head home for a shower and take it easy. I usually sleep better for three nights afterwards and I love the way my skin and body feels.

8 scientifically proven benefits of infra-red saunas

  • A sauna can lead to deeper and more relaxed sleep.
  • Saunas can improve your cardiovascular performance by increasing your heart rate.
  • Finnish researchers found regular sauna users had a lower risk of sudden cardiac death and fatal coronary heart disease. It also extended their life. They believe it was likely due to the decrease in blood pressure and increase in blood vessel diameter
  • Saunas assist the body to detoxify from chemicals and heavy metals via your skin. Sweating can eliminate PCBs, metals and toxins which are stored in your fat cells.
  • Saunas increase your growth hormone which is crucial for repair and recovery of muscle after exercise. They help to remove the by-products such as lactic acid and calcium ions.
  • They provide relief from muscular pain and arthritis. This is due to an increase in the release of anti-inflammatory compounds such as noradrenaline, adrenaline, cortisol and endorphins.
  • After a sauna session, researchers found increases in a number of positive markers in blood, showing that they stimulate the immune system. German and Finnish studies show that regular saunas lead to a 30% decrease in the chance of getting a cold or flu.
  • Sweating improves your skin’s health as it helps to remove bacteria and increases capillary circulation.

Review of Sauna at A1 Colon Hydrotherapy, Aspley

This sauna is located in a residential part of Aspley on 33 Kildonan Street. The premise looks like someone’s brick house and it is located on the bottom floor. The sauna itself is large and easily fits two people. You sit on a comfy cushion covered in plastic. There are optional cloth robes provided.

The cost is $40 for half an hour. You can save money with a great package deal of $200 for ten sessions if paid up front.

A1 Colon Hydrotherapy website

Review of Sauna at Witness the Fitness, Rosalie

This sauna is located in an odd corner of a workout space inside Witness the Fitness. The space is located upstairs on the second floor. When we went there was a group fitness class being held. They provide towels. The sauna is smaller but it still does the job.

You can book online for an affordable $25 for half an hour. You can save money by booking ten sessions for $200 but this must be used within 60 days from purchase.

Witness the Fitness website

We recommend you look for a sauna which uses infra-red, as they emit fewer EMFs.


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