List of biological dentists in Australia

I love this video by David Wolf on how to care for your teeth.

Next time you get your teeth checked look for a biological dentist or a holistic dentist.

If you think you might need fillings make sure you ask for someone who does mercury (amalgam) free fillings.

A good biological dentist will remove any existing mercury fillings safely using a rubber dam and dispose of them correctly. Make sure they have a follow-up protocol.

Your teeth are alive, so look after them.

Here is a list of some of the biological dentists I am aware of:


New South Wales

South Australia


New Zealand

  • Dr Gregory Gibb, Auckland
  • Dr Mike Godrey, Bay of Plenty

Please leave a comment below if you  have seen any other holistic dentists and can recommend them.

If you are passionate about this subject, you can visit:

Australians for Mercury Free Dentistry

17 thoughts on “List of biological dentists in Australia”

  1. Thank you for your resource list. I have recently had my amalgams removed at Evolve and can highly recommend them. I felt well cared for and secure in the knowledge that my fillings were being removed safely. Having a list of dentists who offer safe amalgam removal like this makes it very easy when people are researching.

  2. Dr Terry Rose is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and is one of only 2 dentists in Melbourne that follows their protocol for safe amalgam removal. Patients are often referred to him by naturopaths and holistic GPs for his holistic approach to dentistry. Please add him to your list of biological dentists in Melbourne.

  3. We are a dental practice in Moonee Ponds and Sunbury Victoria and we are a mercury free and mercury safe practice and offer safe amalgam removal. We follow the safe amalgam removal protocols from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Please see our website for more information.

  4. A biological dentist and a holistic dentist is not the same thing.
    You may want to revise the list.

    Holistic may remove amalgam with all the proper protocols but not remove it from the biochemistry.

    Chorella cannot pull mercury out of the brain, it is not confirmed by the biochemistry.

    Holistic dentistry also tends to ignore those ‘bio-compatible’ dead teeth (root filling/ implant).
    DNA test them, see what is hiding there.

    Where as biological dentistry looks at the life of every tooth and how it interferes with the rest of the body, toxicity and vitality.

    If a toxin (bacteria or heavy metal) is removed from the tooth, how is it then removed from the body and confirmed?

    Even if the dead tooth has been sterilised and the periodontal ligament has been removed, once the tooth has been placed in a non-sterile mouth, can you still guarantee sterility now?

    Unfortunately once the tooth has lost a blood supply Mother Nature designs organic material to decompose. The pulp may be sterilised but not the fine microscopic dental tubules. No oxygen and nutrients feeding the tubules the gram-negative bacteria start to take hold.

    Think twice when looking at a ‘holistic dentist/ biological dentist’. Do they remove amalgams but leave infection behind?

    Do they act like they refer on to a practitioner that thinks they can remove the rest of the toxins in the body with a well-marketed product that claims to detox mercury?

    Without biochemical confirmation we presume we have treated ‘the disease label’ mercury with a cure. Unfortunately toxins cannot be treated with a cure.

  5. I have been thoroughly disappointed that so many dentists seem to recommend the most invasive and expensive treatments possible and don’t seem to pay attention to full body health. My dentist Dr Michael Chong from Image Dental in Applecross, Perth, Western Australia would be a good addition to your list, he specialises in Holistic Dentistry and is big on using naturally appropriate treatments to treat a range of problems. He can be reached on: (08) 9364 3996
    Dr Chong was the first dentist I ever came across that explained the dangers of mercury and invasive treatments like root canals and after doing my research I can see that it is legit!

  6. Hi was just wondering if you have any feedback on the Sydney clinic….I’m looking at removing amalgam filling?….thanks….eugenia

  7. Hello, I am a dentist in Taringa Brisbane and my practice is called Dent8 Dental (formerly of Kenmore) and have been practicing holistic dentistry for over 22 years and teaching these methods to dental students and graduate dentists. I have worked with medical practitioners who are fellows of ACNEM and have trained numerous associates over the let few decades in holistic dentistry including 2 on your list . I am a fellow of ACNEM and have completed a research masters degree at UQ into the effects of amalgam replacement on the immune system (2005)
    I am currently redoing my website to reflect the latest changes in our practice since our re-location a few months ago. I will direct my patients to your website for them to leave comments as they see fit.
    Our address is 4 Frederick Street Taringa, phone 07 38713035 email
    with best wishes
    Alannah Freer

  8. Can you detail what a biological dentist does with existing root fillings (6!) and what is the likely cost per tooth? Thank you.

  9. The ME dental practice at Highfields and Toowoomba use holistic methods and remove amalgam fillings with dental damns, oygen masks (to prevent breathing-in of possible air born particles) and section the amalgam filling carefully in large chunks to lessen chances of toxin release. Website:

    Please add them to your wonderful list, and thanks for sharing it on the web, it came up real quick in google!!

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