Water fight

I was concerned about having pools of water in our backyard, especially with the mosquito plague up north, so I got rid of some of my self-watering pots and other containers. The birds kept visiting the bird bath even though it was empty. I realised that they were starting to rely on it as a source of water, so I have reluctantly decided to keep it filled and change it regularly.

A few days ago we saw some noisy miners bully a pair of pink galahs off the water bath. Our backyard has become a hip watering hole.

We ate some of our own home-grown corn but it wasn’t as sweet as what you buy in the shops. Although we have been picking it in the morning to weigh it for the challenge. Apparently it’s best to put the water on the boil first and then go pick your corn off the stalks, as the sugars soon turn to starch. Unfortunately caterpillars are beating us to them.

We had a weevil party in our pantry, so we had to throw out all our lentils, biscuits, rice and pasta. Interestingly enough, they weren’t interested in the white stuff, which goes to prove something I’d read years ago that weevils only eat food that has some nutritional value

Something is eating our beans and they are starting to look haggard. We lost one of our rhubarbs plants, so we decided to start eating the second one before it goes too. We harvested our first hairy cucumber. The green squash and pumpkins have got powdery mildew, but we can’t be bothered spraying. (The organic spray stinks like rotten eggs). The squash have slowed down. Thankfully, as I’ve grown tired of them and they won’t get planted next year!

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