Timeline for setting up a garden

Here’s a skeleton plan for setting up a backyard garden. Some of these tasks we didn’t do in the order suggested, but this is what I would do next time!

Spend some time designing your garden:

Use resources efficiently:

  • Start up two compost heaps (one ready to use and one to add scraps to)
  • Start up worm farm
  • Invest in water tanks or irrigation systems

Plant in flora for fauna:

  • Put in feature trees first
  • Then plant out hedges to stop winds or provide privacy (2m plus)
  • Put in next layers (1-2 metres)
  • Put in last layer of plants (under 1 metre)
  • Add a bird bath, frog pond and/or bird boxes

Plant fruit trees and vines:

Plant in vegetable patch:

  • Plant herbs in pots near kitchen
  • Purchase seeds
  • Collect material for no-dig garden
  • Prepare no-dig bed and top with mulch
  • Plant seeds and seedlings, including companion plants

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