The Garden Share Collective: June 2014

Garden Share Collective

I’m participating in the Garden Share Collective again this month (after a bit of a break), so here’s a round up of what has happened in our garden over the last month.


We generously received some seeds to trial from Fair Dinkum Seeds. I encourage you to go and visit them, as they specialise in hard to find heirloom seeds.


We plan on having a gardening session and planting  some of these in the vegetable beds this afternoon. Haven’t we had lovely weather lately? Perfect for gardening anyhow.


Our citrus trees are going well, but they take forever for the fruit to develop to maturity. I’ll give them some seaweed solution and potash today.


Our figs are starting to develop, and I can’t wait to try them. You know I have never had fig from the grocery store, only home-grown ones. They are always seem to expensive.


In the vegetable beds, we are growing carrots and bulls blood beetroots. It looks like we are going to have a bumper crop, since Matt used the whole packet of carrot seeds! There is also some sweet potato and Egyptian spinach growing in the beds. Our chilli is going well, but Matt finds it’s not hot enough. We aren’t actually harvesting anything at the moment.

Today we are also planning on adding some mulch to the vegetable beds, and one bed, in particular, needs a top of organic matter and soil. I’ll also give all the fruit trees some rooster booster. I’m hoping to have a productive afternoon in the garden.

Post for the Garden Share Collective challenge hosted by Stayed Table

3 thoughts on “The Garden Share Collective: June 2014”

  1. I’m going to check out Fair Dinkum Seeds, I’m always looking for interesting heirloom seeds/ plants to grow.
    My chillies are always more fiery when they have had to do it tough- hot and dry conditions.

  2. oooh, i will have to check out the seed folk, I love trying and finding new varieties of seed. How good has the weather been, really mild for a Queensland winter, lets hope it stays this way but with a few rain patches to keep the ground moist.

  3. oh that seed company looks interesting. I like the way they have them sorted. I live in the tropics where it is hard to grow a lot of things, and others grow like weeds. I think my garden needs some rooster booster too….

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