The Garden Share Collective: February 2014

Garden Share Collective

I’m participating in the Garden Share Collective again this month, so here’s a round up of what has happened in our garden over the last month.


We have been harvesting black beauty zucchini (above) and a few acerola cherries (below). All the rain we have had was a welcome sight. We also harvested a suyu cucumber, but it was terribly bitter and inedible. Apparently the bitterness is caused by environmental stress, or irregular watering (ah ha!). The only downside of all the rain we’ve had recently.


Some of our fruit trees really need to go in to the ground as they are out growing their pots.


We’re having mixed results with the citrus trees. I rang the nursery to see why they were forming fruits and then falling off – they suggested the citrus need a complete fertiliser. I have only been using chicken manure and Epsom salts. However with the rain, they seem to be starting to form larger fruit. Some how in my head I think they need potash, but I could be wrong. The photo (above) is of a mandarin that has taken months to mature.


We are yet to harvest the canary yellow rockmelon (above), as I’m not sure how big the mature sized fruit is, but I’m really looking forward to trying it. The Egyptian spinach is at the end of it’s life and now producing seed pods.

Matt spent the long Australian Day weekend mowing and cleaning up both the front and back yards, so the place is looking really good (outside anyhow). I need to get some more seeds in the ground in the coming month.

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4 thoughts on “The Garden Share Collective: February 2014”

  1. A canary yellow rockmelon? You will have to describe how this tastes, and please post a picture when you cut it, Your zucchini flower is gorgeous, and those cute little pink flowers, are these apple flowers? Your gardening is very green and so healthy 😀

  2. Rain… now that’s something we haven’t seen down this part for quite a while. We get threatening looking clouds that make a lot of noise and flashes but then nothing. The rockmelon looks amazing, hope it tastes great too.

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