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July was our worst month so far. We didn’t sow suitable Winter crops early enough. We really need to start seeing some action in the garden or we will fail miserably at our challenge and in as little as a few months it will then become an impossible feat.

As we sat on the grassy hill enjoying some sun and steak sandwiches, we discussed our progress in the garden.

I’m worried the potato crop has failed a second time. It looks like we have lost the first row. Matt declared that he has given up on them this year. He thinks we should have used more soil and compost for hilling them up, rather than nutrient poor sugar cane. He also thinks we have been watering them too much, whereas I think they might have not been watered enough.

Matt also thinks that our soil isn’t good enough yet, as we used compost from a landscaping supplier rather than use the full no-dig option. We agreed that the vegetable beds don’t get enough sun in Winter as they are shaded by the neighbours’ mango trees. And yet too much sun in Summer.

We were starting to consider that the unidentified citrus tree we have might be a lemon, as the fruit are starting to turn yellow. I looked through our plant label album and discovered it was actually a ‘washington navel orange.’ Matt nobly took the blame and said it was his fault for thinking it was a mandarin!

Our grass is starting to brown off and we haven’t had any decent rain in over five weeks. To make matters worse, I accidentally didn’t turn the tank tap off properly. (I have a habit of not putting lids on jars tightly either!) Our tank was half full, but now it is down to the bottom rung.

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  1. I’ve never had any luck with potatoes. I’ve tried a different method each year trying to get a successful crop.
    Last year was the best so far, when I planted them in a little soil and then mulched them heavily with straw. However, by the end of the season the mulch was thinning out too much (helped by the elements and the birds) and I lost some good sized potatoes through them being exposed to the light.
    This year I’ll be trying “Tatey Bags” from the Digger’s Club (can’t use them for another month or so until the frosts are less troublesome).
    In the past I think I also failed to give them enough fertilizer.

    I have only recently installed a 10,000 litre tank and fortunately it’s rained regularly since then. It is now within a few inches of being full. Hopefully the tank will keep us with enough water to last us over the drier months. The water restrictions here can be very erratic and we never know what water use is permitted.

    (South West NSW)

  2. Good Luck on meeting your goals. Getting that winter planting timing right really can be a challenge. I certainly did better last year than this although I do have food out there so I can’t whinge too much.

    There is noting quite an annoying is knowing that something was lost through your own lack of care.

    Kind Regards

  3. Oh dear, sounds like you need cheering up. Potatoes are described as easy to grow but I disagree entirely, we tried potato cages last year but only got about 2-3 kg of tatties, hardly worth the bother. I have read many other blogs with the same story. I am still going to have another try this year though, it can’t be impossible.

  4. hi there, y’all left a comment on my blog subsist/resist ages ago (about dumpster diver barbie) i haven’t updated my blog in about as long, so don’t bother checking 😉 i have a love-hate relationship with computers…
    just wanted to say good on ya for posting a thorough list of your failures and disappointments! people so rarely want to talk about anything short of success, yet how is anyone s’posed to learn anything that way? i myself have had tons of disappointment and downright failure in my garden. i grow alot, and have (had, actually) a very nice and productive garden, but it’s not ‘cuz i’m a green thumb! it’s more a ‘sheer force of will’ type thing. and every year i have high points and, feel-like-crying points.
    but keep at it, it does get a little easier with experience!
    and the satisfaction of hard won successes is unbeatable!

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