Edible plants for small areas and pots

Strawberries in hanging basket

There are a range of different plants you can grow in small gardens and areas. Some of these are also suitable to grow in a pot or container. Plants in pots will need more watering as they dry out quicker. Jerry provides insulation for his pot plants by keeping them in their plastic pot, but popping them in a larger display pot and filling the gap up with bits of broken up styrofoam.

The best plants to grow in small spots are: asian greens, capsicum, carrots, lettuce, radish, rocket, tomato, salad greens, and silverbeet. Sprouts are the ultimate space saver. Don’t forget most herbs and chillies grow easily in a pot. And strawberries look pretty in hanging baskets.

Here are some good small varieties to try:

Beetroot – Mini Gourmet
Bok Choy
Cabbage – Mini
Carrot – Mini Round (Paris Market)
Cauliflower – Mini
Cucumber – Spacemaster
Honeymelon – Sakatas Sweet
Pumpkin – Delicata, Golden Nugget
Rockmelon – Ha-ogen, Minnesota Midget
Tomato – Silvery Fir Tree, Sweet Tumbler, Tiny Tim
Watermelon – Sweet Siberia

Let me know if you have come across any others.

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