Reserve water


Our grass is turning yellow from the lack of rain. Any one know what type of bird this is?

If you remember our last lot of beans had rust on them. Low and be hold our current beans also have rust on them, so they will need to be removed and thrown in the wheelie bin so they don’t reinfect any other crops.

I’m going to instigate a no-spaces rule in the vegetable beds. I’d like to make use of all of our available pots and containers for growing fruit and vegetables to meet our goal.

We have two hoses – an old green short one and a new silver kink-free long one. We tried to use up the last of the water in our tank to flush out any dirt or debris. Not all is lost as we still have mains water. Since the long hose doesn’t reach far enough from the house tap to the beds I have had to heave a plastic 9 litre watering can over.

I went back to trying to fill up a bucket using the short hose attached to the tank, but I couldn’t get a drop out. So Matt attached the long silver hose and trailed it down the slope. He cleverly used gravity to trickle fill up a few buckets. Alternating between two buckets and the watering can and using team work we managed to water everything edible. The soil in all the beds has cooled down, but now the tank is empty.

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